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Monadnock Rod & Gun Club provides high-quality learning resources that help people take their first into the world of outdoor adventure. We offer unique, entertaining and inspiring content to help our readers acquire all the skills and knowledge they need to bring their dreams to life. The Monadnock Rod & Gun Club is on a mission to open peoples mind to new possibilities and be well informed before heading out there.

Here you will find tips on fishing and hunting, latest hunting rifle reviews, survival tips, gear to carry along, safety procedures to follow, how to hunting and fishing content, photos and outdoor news. Monadnock Rod & Gun Club is an ultimate resource for outdoor enthusiasts seeking fishing, hunting and shooting sports tips, news, reviews and much more. We strive to connect outdoor enthusiasts who show deep respect for the environment and their fellow outdoor persons.

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Since inception, Monadnock Rod & Gun Club has been the definitive guide to outdoor sports, health, and adventure travel. Her you will find everything you need to know on fishing and hunting.