Hunting Essentials – Items to Pack Along

Hunters always remember to pack their rifles and shells when heading afield, however, they often overlook other equally essential items that could keep them safe, dry and warm and also save their lives.

Here are essential items for hunters to pack along.

  • Rain Gear

A good set of rain gear goes a long way and if it is lightweight and compact, then it’s even better. Even if there are no clouds in sight, the mountains can make for fairly unpredictable weather. Clouds roll in fast and you need to stay dry. Another reason to pack this item along is it acts as a barrier against wind.

  • Lighting

This is one of the most forgotten pieces of equipment. The sun is going to go down at some point and you may not have a camp set up and fire yet. You may not have planned to be hunting late, but you shot a buck and have to pack it in dark. So it is essential that you carry a flashlight, a few glow sticks and a headlamp.

  • First Aid Kit

Another critical piece is the first aid kit. This item may never be used, but it is without a doubt one thing that every hunter should carry along. Even if you are not hunting, a first-aid kit should be with you whenever you venture outdoors.

  • Paracord

This one is also an essential item that every hunter should keep in their backpack and it weighs almost nothing. There are various problems that a small paracord can solve. From setting up a shelter to packing out an animal, paracord is a must have item in your bag.

  • Multipurpose Knife

Any good quality knife with multiple blades will do as it can help you with various applications such as making a small fire, filleting a fish, cutting rope or any other task. Baracuta or piranta knives are good to pack along.

The above-mentioned are few of the essential gears you need to pack when going on hunting.

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